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Cde Joel “Peter Mayibuye” Netshitendze wrote:

“We really have to do a lot of work in order to educate our people and not only young ones but older ones who joined the ANC in 2007.

When the ANC was banned by the apartheid government,we went underground and continue to operate.Some of our members were imprisoned,some went to exile and some remained in the country.We had to come up with all methods of keeping the struggle forward.That didn’t mean that the enemy was relaxing. It infiltrated our operations,planted spies and created askaries.

Most of the UDF leaders were ANC members who either came from prison and so on. Archie Gumede was an ANC member and his father was the past ANC president in the 1927.Albertina Sisulu was the ANC member and was her husband. So UDF was the internal ANC structure hence it was done away with when the ANC was unbanned. To use Mama Winnie name as her not being the member of the UDF shows political naivete and immaturity.

The press conference addressed by Murphy Morobe was called by the Mass Democratic Movement and not the UDF. There was Cosatu, Civics,Soweto Chamber of Commerce,Cosas,Soweto Youth Congress,Azasco(SASCO),SA Council of Churches,etc.This came as results of many attempts made to requests Cde Winnie to dismantle the Mandela FC as it was infiltrated by the enemy and terrorising the community. “