Former President Jacob Zuma


The ANC Veterans League unequivocally supports the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) decision to recall President Zuma. This was not an easy decision taken by the ANC NEC.
Talks between the ANC top six who were sent by the ANC National Working Committee started in earnest early January this year.
The top six was mandated by ANC National Working Committee to request the president of the Republic, Jacob Zuma, to resign voluntarily as he faced a vote of no confidence and or a possible impeachment from Members of Parliament. The president of the Republic was informed that ANC members in parliament this time around were going to vote with the opposition. Secondly, if the impeachment process kicked in and it succeeded in parliament, he stood to lose all his ‘hard earned’ benefits.
The President seemed not to be at all concerned as he still believed that Members of Parliament would still defend him as they did over the pas four years. He told the officials that it is only the NEC that can recall him. The NEC met over the weekend and rejected his proposal that he should be given extra three months for him to attend AU meetings and the BRICS Sessions slated to take place in South Africa. The NEC would have none of this.
To this end, the Veterans League supports the NEC decision to recall the President as he faces a number of alleged criminal charges. Some are directly linked to alleged corruption at the State Owned companies. With the State Capture inquiry led by Deputy Chief Justice Zondo, the President of the Republic Jacob Zuma may be called as a witness during the inquiry. With the coming elections in 2019 and the ANC currently enjoying a revival and renewal mood from the masses, the markets being positive, his mere appearance at the Commission of inquiry would dampen the recovery and renewal mood of society on our glorious organization and we are likely lose the 2019 elections.

Leaders come and go and society remains. All this is in the interest of the country.
As the ANC Veterans League, we support the new developments, with President Jacob Zuma agreeing to the recall and resigning forthwith.

We also welcome the election of Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa as the president of the country.
We support the ANC leadership in their fight against State Capture and corruption at State Owned Enterprises, their efforts at restoring the dignity and credibility of public institutions and enforcement agencies.
As ANC Veterans we will work tirelessly to restore the integrity and dignity of our glorious movement. We shall bring the ANC closer to the people, build our veterans branches as vibrant, dynamic units that take up the most pressing social and economic challenges in our communities.

By Snuki Zikalala
President of the ANC Veterans League

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