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We, the undersigned members of the ANC Veterans League and Senior Citizens representing the four regions of the N. West province being Ngaka Modiri Molema, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Dr Ruth S Mompati and Bojanala have assembled today, the 28 April 2019 in Rustenburg.

ANC Veterans League workshop

We met in the names of Dick Montshiwa, Moses Kotane, JB Marks, Dr. Modiri Molema, Kgosi Ramotshere Moiloa, Luthuli Detachment, Philemon Mathole, Steve Segale, Victor Sefora and Job Shimankane Tabane (Cassius Maake).

For many years we were playing an active and critical role towards the liberation of our country in the four pillars of struggle which are mass mobilisation, underground work, military operations under Umkhonto we Sizwe and the international isolation of apartheid.

We are assembled here today to deliberate on how to re-enforce the mother body, the ANC and how to ensure that we win the forth coming elections on May 8, 2019. We reaffirm and commit ourselves that we shall not spare any strength nor effort in ensuring a resounding victory of the ANC on the 2019 National Elections.

Today, we the Veterans League, and the Senior Citizens of the Province of the North West commit ourselves to totally immerse ourselves in the last push of the ANC election campaign to ensure that we secure a resounding and overwhelming victory on the 8 May 2019 National Elections.

The assembly is of the view that for us to be strong, we must have the structures on the ground with a clear Programme of Action (PoA). We also, need to relaunch and establish the functional and vibrant structures of the ANC, Alliance and Leagues as per their Constitutions from the branches to national level. Where these do not exist, we need to set them up after the elections.

The assembly also discussed the calibre of the candidates on the ANC list both provincially and at national level. We call on the ANC to ensure that those implicated in fraud and corruption, e.g. Mediosa, on VBS scandals, money laundering and racketeering, should step aside for the sake of the ANC and allow the processes to unfold and not compromise nor taint the ANC as it will negatively impact on our battle for a resounding victory.

We recommend to the ANC President to apply his mind carefully on who the Premier candidate should be based on the challenges faced by the North West province. We propose that he uses the criteria of integrity, honesty and compassion for the poor and marginalised people of the province.

The four regions, which are Bojanala, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Dr Ruth S. Mompati and Ngaka Modiri Molema accordingly support the NEC decision to refer all Election Lists to the National Integrity Commission.

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