Sun. May 29th, 2022

President!Hage!G.!Geingob!accepts! resignations! of! the Minister! of!Fisheries! and! Marine! Resources,! Hon.! Bernard! Esau, and! Minister! of! Justice,! Hon.! Sackeus! Edward! Shanghala

Since& assuming& Office& as& President& of& the& Republic& of& Namibia,& His&
Excellency,&Dr.&Hage&G.&Geingob&has&taken&practical&steps to&promote&Effective&
Governance,& prioritizing the& fight& against& corruption,& promoting& greater&
Namibia&is&governed&by& the&Rule&of&Law, and&a&person&is&innocent&until&
proven& guilty.& The& President& is& a& promoter& of& Governance, grounded& in&
Following& press& and& media& reports in& which& allegations& of& corruption
have& been& made& against& the& two& Ministers,& the& President& of& the& Republic,&
accompanied& by& the& Vice& President,& H.E& Nangolo& Mbumba held& a& meeting&
today, 13& November& 2019& at& State& House& with& Honorable& Sackeus& Edward&
Shanghala&and Honorable&Bernard&Esau&to&hear their&case&in&light&of&the&gravity&
Understanding& the&severity of&the&allegations&in& the&press,&the&Minister&
of& Fisheries& and& Marine& Resources,& Hon.& Bernard& Esau& and& the& Minister& of&
President with&immediate&effect.&
To& fill& the& vacancies& in& both& Ministries,& President& Hage& G.& Geingob&
appoints&in& terms& of&Article&32& (3)& (i)(dd) of& the& Constitution& of& the& Republic,&
Honorable& Frans& Kapofi& as& Acting& Minister& of& Justice,& and& Honorable& Albert&
President&Hage&G.&Geingob&wishes& to thank&Honorable&Sackeus&Edward&
Shanghala and&Honorable&Bernard&Esau&for&their&patriotism&and&contriubution&

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