Thu. Aug 11th, 2022


THE ANC Veterans League unequivocally condemns the   violence that has led to the loss of life, looting of malls and shops, and destruction of property and businesses, including attacks on informal traders.

Poor people and law abiding citizens have been threatened and they are scared that they may not be able to return to work and fend for their families.

This unwarranted and wanton violence affects every member of society.  The sick are not able to  visit the hospitals, vaccination programs on Covid 19 vaccines had to be suspended in some areas as it was gaining momentum, health workers cannot get to work and food supplies have been affected.

This public violence and mass looting has not been seen since the advent of our constitutional democracy.

This was provoked by individuals calling for resistance to the decision of the Constitutional Court in the contempt hearing of the former President and has been joined by criminals and thugs. 

As our President Cde Cyril Ramaphosa  said on Tuesday: “There is no grievance, nor any political cause,that can justify the violence and destruction that we have seen in the parts of Kwazulu Natal  and Gauteng. Our Constitution guarantees the right of every person to protest, to organize ,to engage in free expression and free association.  It gives every person an equal right to organize, to engage in free expression and free association……Our Constitution is the foundation of the rule of law in our country.”

As the ANCVL we welcome the deployment of the army in the hot spots areas to reinforce the SA Police Service.

We  call upon members of society to calm down and condemn all  acts of violence. Community and religious leaders should encourage members of society not to be involved in mass looting and violence. They should explain the results of chaos and persuade all members of society to stop the loss of life, loss of jobs and inevitable risks for  food security and  medical care if violence is allowed in their area of abode.

The ANCVL calls upon its members to engage with communities and persuade them to work with the police to stop the violence, looting, chaos and mayhem and to report vigilantism wherever it occurs.

We should not allow counter revolutionaries to derail our path to renewal.  Those who have instigated and participated in the creation of the prevailing chaos an mayhem must be held accountable for their misdeeds.

Wanton violence is not the solution as it further derails our country, already ravaged by the corruption and looting revealed at the State Capture Commission and the pandemic.   We call on all South Africans to unite and protect SouthAfrica and work tirelessly for economic recovery and the social well-being of every South African.

 As the ANC Veterans  League we take note and congratulate the seven provinces for having prevented and resisted the wanton looting.  We would like to congratulate the law abiding  citizens and patriots for defending our Constitutional Democracy.

Dr Snuki Zikalala

President of the ANC Veterans League

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