Tue. Jan 26th, 2021



The ANC Veterans League is saddened by the passing away of Cde Boy Clarence Mini.

Cde Bizzah as he was affectionately known in our political circles was a calm, compassionate, dedicated and selfless cadre of the African National Congress. Cde Bizzah was part of the June 16 detachment.

He received his military training from the ANC’s Umkhonto We Sizwe in Angola between 1976 and 1977. Initially he was based at Benguela Camp but was later sent to Novo Catengue in Angola. Cde Bizzah played a leadership role when he helped more than 500 cadres of uMkhonto we Sizwe who were poisoned by counter revolutionary elements on 28 September 1977 in Novo Catengue camp.

Cde Bizzah later went to study medicine in Varna in Bulgaria. This is where I first met, interacted and shared ANC political work with him. Together, with more than 150 ANC students, we mobilised students from Bulgaria, Greece, Palestine and Latin America’s communities to stand side by side with us in support of our struggle against apartheid.

In Varna, Cde Bizzah was responsible for counselling emotionally distressed ANC students. “When I joined Cde Bizzah in Varna, I was distraught and down emotionally. He

received me like an elder sibling. He had a rich political outlook and stature,” says Cde Sandile Mfenyana.

Upon completing his medical studies in Bulgaria, Cde Bizzah was deployed in Harare, Zimbabwe and worked as a medical doctor at Parirenyantwa Hospital. He assisted and treated our comrades who were injured during military operations, especially in the then Northern Transvaal.

Back in South Africa Cde Bizzah Mini was fully involved in the medical field and served our communities and restoring their dignity.

In 2010, he was appointed by the then Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi as the head of the medical schemes regulator a position he held until his untimely death.

Comrade Boy Mini was developing a concept document of establishing a Health Desk for the ANC Veterans League. He was concerned about the healthcare care of veterans as they are the most vulnerable, especially now during the COVID -19 pandemic.

Like a committed cadre of the movement, Cde Bizzah was concerned about how the ANC lost the confidence of society and how we veered off track.

Cde Bizzah did not tolerate mediocrity and took action against those who were involved in corrupt activities.

He was committed to renewing and rebuilding the ANC and the Veterans League to be the leader of society again.

Comrade Bizzah, as the Veterans League we will not disappoint you as it is our responsibility to reinforce the values, traditions and policies of our glorious movement.

We will ensure that our glorious movement strengthens governance and tackles corruption, and that all appointees are fit for purpose, demonstrating the highest levels on integrity.

As the Veterans League we would like to send our condolences to his family, the ANC community and friends.

May your soul rest in internal peace. Lala Ngoxolo Cde Bizzah.

Snuki Zikalala

President of the ANC Veterans League

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